West indies decorating style. Decorative window security. Water fountain decor.

West Indies Decorating Style

west indies decorating style

    west indies
  • A chain of islands that extends from the Florida peninsula to the coast of Venezuela and lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They consist of three main island groups: the Greater and Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas, with Bermuda lying further to the north. Originally inhabited by Arawak and Carib Indians, the islands were visited by Columbus in 1492 and named by him in the belief that he had reached the coast of India. The islands now consist of a number of independent states and British, French, Dutch, and US dependencies

  • the string of islands between North America and South America; a popular resort area

  • The term refers to the parts of America first discovered by European explorers, so called because they were initially believed to be part of Asia. They consist of the islands of the Caribbean sea, also known as the Antilles.

  • The islands of the Caribbean sea; A Federation of Caribbean states which, together with Guyana, play Test matches as if they were a single nation

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west indies decorating style - French Island

French Island Elegance

French Island Elegance

They are the jewels of the Caribbean, gorgeous prisms through which we see reflected the opulent world of the French Creole aristocracy. The French-speaking islands of Martinique, Guadaloupe, Marie-Galante, and Saint Martin come alive as never before in the pages of French Island Elegance, a lavishly illustrated look at one of the most intriguing and beautiful parts of the world. More than 160 color photographs taken especially for this book give readers a privileged glimpse inside a world rarely seen by most visitors—the palatial, elegantly furnished homes of the islands’ affluent sugar, cotton, and tobacco barons, both historical and contemporary. An authoritative text sheds light on the area’s rich social, architectural, and interior design history—a vital past that still influences French Island taste and cultural life to this day.

75% (12)

west indies baby blanket

west indies baby blanket

32x32 started out with Velentina in cocoa, Matilda in blue, Chandler in cocoa and Marie in blue from West Indies. Other coordinates from Honey Child, Queen Street and Flower Power.

west indies hobo bag for mary

west indies hobo bag for mary

Always a Sisboom fan, Mary wanted a fall bag out of West Indies. We chose Bari J's Notting Hill Hobo Bag pattern. I quilted each section. Inside fabric is Chandler in cocoa.

west indies decorating style

west indies decorating style

The English in the West Indies: Or, The Bow of Ulysses (Cambridge Library Collection - History)

James Anthony Froude was one of the foremost Victorian historians in England, though he was often controversial and opinionated, especially towards Catholicism. His biography of Carlyle in 1884, with his emphasis on Carlyle's weaknesses as well as his brilliance, caused lasting offence to many. He then began travelling in British colonies, which led to the publication of Oceana (1886) and The English in the West Indies (1888) which combined anecdotes and observations with Froude's opinions on the British Empire. The latter provoked many angry responses to his views on how the colonies should be governed. He favoured self-government, but feared that democracy would cause the British islands to go the same way as French Haiti, stating that black rule in Grenada would led to a rapid return to savagery. Apart from his political opinions, the book contains interesting and vivid descriptions of the islands and their inhabitants.

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